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BREAKING NEWS: Pumpkin spice has shown up at the supermarket.

This isn’t right. You shouldn’t eat or drink pumpkin spiced things when it’s 90 degrees and humid and the kids haven’t even started school yet. Pumpkin spice is for cold fall days and nights, for Halloween and pies you make for your family on Thanksgiving and as a treat while you’re out Christmas shopping. If you’re still wearing shorts pumpkin spice shouldn’t be allowed to be sold (I don’t know what to tell the people who live somewhere where it’s always shorts weather. Move?). But there it is on the shelves, in the coffee drinks, in the muffins and in the cereals, candy, and almonds. I’ve even seen pumpkin spice gum, and while I’m not 100% sure I think I saw pumpkin spice-flavored deodorant the other day.

There’s no one in the galaxy who wants it to be fall more than I do, but we’re not quite there yet. Having all these pumpkin spice products in the stores in August is just a big tease.

One thought on “Not yet

  1. Bob, I think all the premature pumpkin overkill is just a prelude to the Halloween overkill that should start kicking up into high gear this week. Starting it in August gives the greedy market extra time to milk it for all it’s worth until the really big cash cow (Christmas) kicks in before the end of October.

    This way there’s no corporate holiday greed gap. On December 26th all will be replaced with the pink & red Valentine’s Day crap. Bob, I know you want Fall to come in the fastest possible way, and it will, soon. I promise. You just don’t want it to end too soon either. It’s about a month away, to the day.

    I live in northwest Los Angeles where it’s always shorts weather. I should move, I know. What I have facing me is hot weather for another 3 months, sometimes with humidity, other times not. Let’s not forget fire season hasn’t officially started, yet it’s been one fire after another all summer. The Malibu fires should start in early October or thereabouts. Pumpkin has never been a flavor I’ve cared for that much, but it’s okay. My shorts should last another year or so. When I do buy a new pair it’ll be at Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, maybe Sears or Walmart—-definitely not Macy’s!

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