Bubble Up

goodypopfourGod help me, I think I have another hobby.

I was walking around the supermarket, minding my own business in the soda aisle, when I came across an entire section of classic and vintage sodas. This was new. I’m used to seeing Pepsi and Coke and Dr. Pepper, and while these too are classic, they’re not the same as these sodas my supermarket has suddenly started selling. I’m talking about Dad’s Root Beer and Goody Pop and Nesbitt’s and Bubble Up and many others. A lot of these I’ve never tried because they haven’t been sold around here and I’m not a huge soda person anymore (Diet Pepsi is usually all I do). They’ve always been in the back of my mind in a “yeah, I’ve heard of those…” sort of way but I never really gave them much thought. So these are new to me and the bottles are really eye-catching and fun and make you think, hey, that would be a fun thing to collect!


To make a long story short, I’m now a collector of soda bottles. Sigh. Anyone have any ideas on how to display glass bottles in an apartment where I can barely move around without knocking something over?

This will teach me to go grocery shopping.


5 thoughts on “Bubble Up

  1. I approve of your new hobby, Bob. Just be careful they don’t fall and break since they are glass. In the 2nd photo here, I’m intrigued by several of them including the Cherry Limeade, Lemmy Lemonade, Nichol Kola and the Grapefruit KISS. Either that one was inspired by the Squirt label, or vice versa.

    I have to keep my collections of things under control also. I have over 30 gorgeous die-cast cars from the Danbury Mint. Most are 1:24 scale, but I do have two 1:12 scale ’57 Chevy convertibles that are unbelievable. The red one is from 2004, then the turquoise one came out in 2010—and I had to have it too. It was one of the last I ever bought, as the plant that produced them burned down in 2011. Those 2 were $500 each (I know) but the next best thing to the real thing I’ll never have.

    All the others were about $140 each. These are the perfect cars I used to see on the Revell car kit boxes at the drugstore but could NEVER make look anything like the picture when I was 10 or 11. They were a disaster, from my trying to assemble them, then paint them; terrible.

    I also collect vintage general-interest magazines which I touched on in your POST column this week. Sorry it was so long, but you had a lot to say. I like the retro link enclosed here. The artwork looks like it could be by Jon Whitcomb, one of my favorite illustrators. In closing, I still haven’t seen the Crystal Pepsi. Even more, I’d love to have the clear (apple) Aspen produced in ’79. What a drink that one was!

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