16 thoughts on ’16

Took a walk downtown this morning. Everything has changed but everything is the same. The birds were chirping, the traffic bopped along, a dog barked in the distance, and the clerk at the supermarket bagged my groceries incorrectly, just as she aways does. Everything’s going to be OK.

Some random, hazy thoughts on the election, jotted down around 2am…

Chachi was right.

In the end, nothing mattered. Not the polls, not the pundits, that Access Hollywood tape, the debates, the speeches, SNL. He was going to win the moment he descended from that escalator.

Polls and pundits got it wrong (or at least the interpretation of those polls). Massively wrong. Something has to change (but they won’t go away).

This wasn’t about Republican and Democrat, it was about class and race and economics and culture. I don’t think a lot of people, especially in the media, understood that.

Also, I wonder if even after all of this, it really came down to one thing: one party rarely controls the Presidency three terms in a row.

Twitter was an extremely important force on this election. Really, imagine the election without it. I deleted my social media accounts a while back and I think you should think about it too. Mixed in with the fun jokes and links and memes is a massive amount of misinformation, hate, and even in the best circumstances it’s just too much and can make how you view the world just a bit askew.

No, she didn’t lose because she’s a woman.

Right now it looks like she might win the popular vote, and that’s not nuthin’.

I’m pretty sure John King wanted to throw Wolf Blitzer through his Magic Wall several times tonight. I flipped around to every single cable and network covering the election and found myself drawn mostly to CBS because the networks seem to be more thoughtful, calmer, not as crazy with the graphics and music.

This was “Dewey Defeats Truman,” only without the newspaper headline.

I’m an American, so yes, he is my President.

Four years of White House Press Secretary Ann Coulter could be…fun?

Boy, the handshake between the Obamas and Trumps on January 20 is going to be awkward.

It never ceases to amaze me that even after millions and millions and millions of votes are cast how unbelievably close some states and even final national vote tally can be.

The books that will be written about this election are going to be fascinating.

In the end, nobody gave a shit what Lena Dunham and Jon Bon Jovi thought. This is a good thing.


2 thoughts on “16 thoughts on ’16

  1. It used to be the kids were always getting doing better than their parents. The next generation reaping the benefits of the previous. But for the last roughly 20 to 25 years, it has changed. There is a huge gap between the haves and have nots. There are many without jobs (some gave up looking) and many who are underemployed. All that education and working for Walmart. This election was about changing this. Get rid of the insider and bring in the outsider. Let’s see if it works.

  2. Actually Mr. Mayor, what you described goes back A LOT further than the ’90s; more like 1973! The great post World War II economy of 1946-’72 ended in ’73 with the Vietnam War ending and the U.S. being taken off the Gold Standard in 1971, and much more that just snowballed in the ’70s.

    For the average American, the economy was never the same after that, although there was an improvement in the ’80s and early ’90s under Reagan and the first President Bush. Still at best, a far cry from the late ’40s-early ’70s. The Oil Embargo in ’73, outsourcing of jobs, CEO pay and way too much else to get into here have all contributed to today’s sad state of affairs 43 years later.

    Yesterday on the local news I saw plenty of angry ‘millennials’ protesting at Pierce College in Woodland Hills with signs stating Hillary won the election; with plenty of screechy shouting similar to Hillary herself 1-2 days before the election. Several of them were guys with their hair up in a bun (and granny glasses) chanting ‘power of women’ in that manner. We’ll have to see what they do over the next several weeks, including Inauguration Day and beyond. Don’t laugh!

    With every third or fourth millennial word being ‘like’, may I suggest that they like stay on their smartphones like 24/7 and like get as many people on like Twitter and Facebook to like Hillary into the White House before it’s too late? Like our window of opportunity here is like running out for her to become President! There’s like nooo app to stop Trump yet! Whhhhhhy Apple?? Whhhhhhy??

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