Thanksgiving: By the numbers

Plates of turkey/stuffing/mashed potatoes/carrots/cranberry sauce eaten: 2
Slices of pie: 3
Brownies/Congo Bars: 6
Leftover turkey sandwiches: 2
Cups of tea: 2
Number of Everybody Loves Raymond Thanksgiving episodes watched: 4
Discussions about the election: surprisingly, 0.

That zero could have easily become a one if I had spoken up at one point. But I didn’t want to go against my own rule for this holiday season. So I held my tongue and said nothing.

I figured out this Thanksgiving why Christmas is the superior holiday: Christmas is exactly like Thanksgiving, only with the addition of music and gifts. And who doesn’t like music and gifts?

Speaking of: I was going to put together a new Christmas playlist this year but a lot of the songs I already put on last year’s list, so why don’t I just link to that and use it for this year as well? Here you go. (I still haven’t done what needs to be done to embed music on the site but I’m working on it for 2017.)

Also: new column up.

One thought on “Thanksgiving: By the numbers

  1. It sounds to me like you had a better Thanksgiving than you anticipated after all, and didn’t do too badly in the food department either! I’ve got to say those brownies are just the best, especially with some Redi-Wip on the side. I had a few of those and took a slice of apple pie home.

    Tea would have been nice too, BUT I brought a few bottles of Mexican Coke and 7-Up (in the glass bottles) which is a nice occasional indulgence. I might be bringing them to a friend’s house in 2017 to celebrate and further enjoy the brand new episodes of ‘Twin Peaks’ coming up.

    I really should end this on being grateful. I’m grateful for many things and thank God all the time. Unfortunately there’s often more thanking for things not going wrong, than going right. In your ‘Holiday Mode’ column I mentioned an embarrassing incident that happened on 4th of July (2015) that I hoped would not be brought up yet AGAIN, but it was. Of course it was!

    I’m grateful the guests turned the tables on the offending party, shaming HER for bringing it up again. It went from what could have been another full-on Larry David style disaster last Thanksgiving, to only a Larry David-lite last week. Thank you God!

    Bob the falling snow background here is wonderful. I know I was complaining about the heat a couple of weeks ago, but it’s gotten cold out here in the last week! It’s made it more difficult to want to leave the bed in the morning, get ready and off to work. On Monday I did what I almost never do: texted in sick to sleep most of the day! Don’t tell them I gave in to it please, my next check will be enough of a reminder I was bad. I did this despite an unexpected car repair bill last week.

    It’s the damn bed’s fault, with the comfortable pillow, electric blanket, being in that deep sleep at the wrong time…

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