It’s beginning to look a lot like…oh wait, it’s not

It snowed overnight. A couple of inches, so I went out this morning and shoveled the stairs and put down some rock salt (oh, sorry, ICE MELT, because nobody at the store knows what rock salt is anymore, apparently). But most of it was gone just a few hours later as the white turned to silver, or whatever color rain is. Supposed to be in the 50s tomorrow, then the 30s return.

I’ll be mailing out the next Letter on Monday, so some of you will get it before Christmas and some of you will get it after Christmas. Who knows when you’ll get yours? It’s a cliffhanger!

New column up. Have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like…oh wait, it’s not

  1. I’m glad you had the rock salt/ice melt on hand for the stairs. Hopefully it made things easier. I’m not surprised the stores don’t know what rock salt or much else is for than matter! Any time I try to call Lowe’s, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Rite-Aid etc. regarding a particular item in stock (to save myself a trip for nothing) I’ll get the damn machine for 2 minutes, then maybe reach a person. I’ll tell them the item I’m looking for, and ask if they’d please transfer me over to said department.

    At this point I’ll get a phone line that just rings and rings and I have to hang up! When I DO reach a person in that department and clearly state what I’m looking for and if they have it, the following happens: they send me to yet another department where I have to explain all over again, or the first or second person says they’ll go look and never come back to the phone, OR they’ll say they have it when they don’t, or don’t have it when they do when I go there to check it myself!

    I don’t know, it just seems like you should be able to check things like that simply over the phone first to save yourself time and trouble, but nooo, of course you can’t. I stay the hell away from almost all stores except the grocery store in December. I needed to buy three Hanukkah cards (hard to find) and it took me 30 minutes waiting in line at the Dollar Tree yesterday. It’s the Holidays so they had ONE check out line open.

    That clerk also has to fill Mylar balloons as well which takes a long time. I wasn’t about to pay $9 for the cards, so I waited it out. At least it wasn’t a line (out of a few open) that I invariably pick in other stores that “has a problem” when none of the others do. Don’t you love that?

    There’s probably a 50/50 chance of getting the letter before Christmas. I’ll let you know. It might just come on Christmas Eve.

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