2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Since I don’t ‘drink’, I forget eggnog wasn’t/isn’t always the innocent version I buy in the one quart milk carton. If Dad here had three glasses of the spiked kind, he’s sure to fall. In fact, there’s a good chance anyway. In his favor, he’s right there with the angel, and physics indicate Mom’s holding his pants high enough to give him a good chance. Let’s hope so.

    I love the basic simplicity of the cover that came out for my first Christmas, Bob! Well, sort of. I was 7 months old–not sure if that counts. It makes me feel abnormally young because the clothes and hairstyles fit right in in the 2010’s without missing a beat.

    It’s unusual for the era in that it has a lot of cover blurbs that go kind of low. The blurb on Nixon gives it an unintentional ’70s connection. My friends and I have discussed the strong ties the ’50s and ’70s have with one another despite their differences over the years. The latter was certainly obsessed with the former at the time!

    Bob, your letter was great, got it in the mail Saturday! When I have a little more money again, I’m going to see if I can’t buy this timely/timeless John Falter Christmas cover from art.com. They’re a great company, and you get excellent personal service over the phone too. Seriously.

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