Fly Gary, Fly

It’s always a little sad in early January, isn’t it? There’s a weird vibe. Not everything is back to normal, but it’s not Christmas either, and it takes a few days or more to get used to a routine that doesn’t involve red and green. The holidays are over and done with, and it’s always a bit of a letdown.

But a new year can also be invigorating. There’s so much “new” to look forward to, so much to do, so much promise. New beginnings! And one big reason to be glad 2017 is here is that I’ll no longer have to watch that #%&*! fios commercial where Gary breaks the world sled jump record and impresses his family and friends (and that’s the minute-long director’s cut, where we learn who holds the old record).

I’ve seen that commercial so many times this winter that I really do want to see Gary dislocate his shoulder. Hopefully someone will call Child Services on his mom for letting him jump.

4 thoughts on “Fly Gary, Fly

  1. What a TERRIBLE commercial! Thanks for enclosing the link so I’d know exactly which one it was. It’s actually the first time I saw it. Perhaps it was regional, OR they haven’t started showing it out here. Some of the most annoying are auto ads, especially being pushed as Christmas presents!

    One annoying set of ads that have recently re-surfaced are the ones for Trivago, the best-price-hotel website. They were only shown occasionally during 2016, but were on constantly the year before. The “rival” website ad (Priceline) has some entertaining ads with William Shatner doing the narration in the background. I’ve only seen them online, not on TV.

    I’m looking forward to the new Twin Peaks which should be starting soon. I watched the new Celebrity Apprentice last night. The show fortunately is much more task-oriented now than board room, which I like. They had two client tasks in the 2 hours which had never happened before. Arnold is not the ego maniac I feared, handles the people with more respect, and sticks to business in a more cut and dry manner, but is still nice.

    Trump often bullied them because he could. The only thing I hate about it are the commercials every 5 minutes or less. Hopefully I’ll never see the ‘Gary’ ad. I know I’ll be seeing the ones announcing it’s “Chevy Truck Month!” EVERY MONTH IS CHEVY TRUCK MONTH! So that one will be DVR’d and watched at a later date effective immediately.

      1. Uggghk! I’m sorry to hear that. I wish there was a mute button that would automatically turn the sound down during commercial breaks, then have a Barbara Feldon type female voice say advising your program resumes in 30 seconds then you can get some other stuff done in that time. Eliminating the picture portion (though nice) wouldn’t be necessary.

        Otherwise, a zapping device would be great, or some of Samantha Steven’s talents (to disappear) would be great. The latter could come in handy in a lot of instances. Last Thursday for example, I was at Von’s grocery store trying to buy several money orders with the $600 I’d taken out of Wells Fargo to get rid of 5 different debts before year’s end. Their money orders are only 89 cents. I went to customer service for them as normal! (I did nothing wrong!)

        A clerk came over to me and told me the customer service clerk was out to lunch, but to go to aisle # 2. I went there and the checker said said she’d take me first! The thing is, there was a long line of people behind me that had been waiting in line for quite awhile! I didn’t know what to do. I gave her my list of the amounts for the 5 separate orders.

        All I could do was just say things to the people waiting like I’m so sorry about this, they should have someone else at customer service at all times, and I hope I don’t go to hell for this! It absolutely was a scene that could have been right out of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ OR ‘Desperate Housewives’.
        I put my hands in a prayer position, kept mouthing ‘thank you’ and sheepishly walked out of the store once I got them.

        By the way, I caught a few ‘Bewitched’ episodes over the weekend featuring Mrs. Stevens!! She’s absolutely priceless. My favorite is one of the later ones where Sam and Endora are zapping her living room furniture back and forth, unaware Mrs. Stevens walked in the front door, witnessed the whole thing and just slid down on the floor. A rare time Samantha was caught off guard and didn’t know what to do either.

  2. 10 times a day I see this commercial and I now hate this song with a passion. Mercedez Benz December to remember commercials too. I swear there are 25 total commercials looped on every channel.

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