Snow Day

Here’s the secret to shoveling snow: shovel more.

Eleven inches fell all day and night yesterday, and if I had waited until the storm was over to shovel it would have been a horrifying chore. But I went out every few hours or so and did the stairs and sidewalk so it didn’t get a chance to build up. A few rounds of shoveling yesterday and one early this morning to get rid of the 2 or 3 inches that fell overnight, a generous amount rock salt thrown down and it was done.

Last night as I was shoveling the sidewalk at the base of the stairs, I heard someone say “WHOA!” It was a guy – probably in his late teens or early 20’s – coming down the hill. My head was down and my hood was up so I don’t know why he exclaimed that, maybe he lost his footing, but as I looked at him he looked at me and said “THIS F***ING PLACE SUCKS!” Not exactly a moment that would inspire a Saturday Evening Post cover but I did laugh to myself.

Oh, speaking of: new column up.

One thought on “Snow Day

  1. Well first of all, it sounds like you’ve got the right system going for easier snow removal, even if it means having to do so more frequently. I’m sorry you had to be outside the same time as that weirdo/creep and endure that remark, when you were just minding your own business. Shoveling snow is already unpleasant enough without having thoughts of is this guy going to get violent, is he on PCP?? Suddenly supermarket awkwardness/weirdness seems almost wonderful by comparison!

    Fortunately It didn’t seem to be directed at you (as such). You just happened to be there. Still, it’s a cringe-worthy enough moment, especially when screamed-out liked that. You picked a perfect POST cover. I hope it warms up this week.

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