Attack of Five Things About Media and Technology Right Now

(I don’t know why I started giving these posts classic sci-fi/monster movie titles, but there you go. Here’s Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, and Part 9.)

1. Saturday Night Live went too far. While the first couple of Jake Tapper/Kellyanne Conway sketches were funny, they never veered into mean territory (and even if they did it was sort of a funny “mean lite”). The Fatal Attraction takeoff this weekend was way over the top. As I realized what direction the sketch was heading – they’re going to make her go full psycho? – I cringed. The show has now painted itself into a corner and has given people who hate the show a lot of ammo, just when it was relevant again (more importantly, the sketch just wasn’t that funny). Where do you go in the next sketch – and of course there are going to be more sketches – after you show her as a nutjob who tries to kill a news anchor and is then revealed to be the undead? (Also, come on: Tapper’s forehead isn’t that big.)

The Cheetos and Russell Stover sketches were good though.

2. When the first episode of a network show suddenly appears online before it premieres, it’s not a “leak.” It’s called “publicity.”

3. Geraldo Rivera has decided to leave his post at Yale University because they’re going to change the name of one of their residential schools, Calhoun College. James C. Calhoun was a slavery advocate and a white supremacist and students/faculty don’t want his name associated with it any longer. I understand the uproar against this, because we can’t go back and change the name on everything that exists because someone may have done something unseemly in the past. We’d have to change, well, everything that exists (though they couldn’t have made a better choice for the replacement than Grace Murray Hopper).

But I think I speak for everyone when I say…Geraldo Rivera taught at Yale?

4. I haven’t watched or cared about the Grammys since I was 25 (many years and four presidents ago), but this new world where “everything is pop culture and must be commented on by every media outlet” means I found out that they forgot Kay Starr in their “In Memoriam” montage last night and it really kevins my bacon. She was fantastic.

5. Hey, there’s a name for a 37-part tweetstorm. It’s called an essay. Or maybe a blog post? A column?


One thought on “Attack of Five Things About Media and Technology Right Now

  1. If I watch SNL at all anymore, it’s only first skit before the opening, then you can turn it off right then. Back in 1986-’93 during the Dana Carvey, Nora Dunn, Jan Hooks, Kevin Nealon era I’d watch the whole show, even if it was taped to watch on Sunday. Since then, it’s got about 15 minutes worth of material (on a good week) which isn’t worth the bother of going through to find.

    As far as Kay Starr not being included in the “In Memorium” montage, I understand how you feel. To make you feel a little better, she was left out of an awards show that’s almost a complete piece of shit, has been for many years now, and means nothing. It’s on the level of the worst of the worst (Beyonce) and that’s it from here on out. Even Lady Gaga wasn’t at her best with Metallica, but at least it was a genuine rock performance that for better or worse, gave it some slice of credibility.

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