Humans aren’t built to experience things at the speed of social media and 24-hour news. They not only overwhelm us they infect the way that we think about things, how we react, how we anticipate, even what we come to expect from one another.

One thought on “Humans

  1. Absolutely. I was in Barone’s restaurant for a pizza lunch today in Agoura, and every time I looked up at the CNN stationed TV from where I was sitting, there was some different jaw-dropping headline about Trump every time I looked up at it! All within the course of an hour!

    The people were all engrossed in their iPhones or whatever, like zombies. It’s almost shocking how accurate the 1975 film, ‘The Stepford Wives’ was in this regard. (I have to specify 1975, because nearly everyone thinks the film is that disastrous comedy with Nicole Kidman. No people, there was nothing funny about the original, real version—at all).

    I have so much I have to process everyday mentally at 59, it would make my maternal grandparents (born in 1891) faint in 1951, without a doubt what their youngest grandson has to cope with everyday. This is why, this winter, I’ve taken to just sleeping in all day here and there when I can get away with it.

    When it’s gray and cold during the day outside, it seems like the only logical and natural thing to do! I don’t feel AT ALL guilty about rebooting and refreshing my mind and body from the onslaught of the never-ending stress and insanity, and you shouldn’t either, Bob. Sunday’s going to be like that, and that’s where I’m going after breakfast.

    The only ‘tech device’ I’ll be interacting with is my great ’90s Sunbeam electric blanket with round dials I’ll set, then sleep. Phones and everything else will be in my study room with the door shut. I won’t hear anything more than someone would have heard 200 years ago. I’m lovin’ it! And yes, I did text in sick to work one such heavy pouring rain day recently for sleep over money.

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