Winter, Still

This isn’t fake news. We’re getting a major snowstorm tomorrow.

We might even see the biggest snow totals of the year, possibly 12 inches of snowflakes (they might even be 12 inches of liberal snowflakes, but that’s a conservative estimate). The name of this storm, by the way, is “Stella,” because we give snowstorms names now, apparently.

I was supposed to have jury duty, but they’ve canceled it. Governor says to stay off the roads.

We can get into a seasonal mindset rather quickly. Because of warm temps a couple of weeks ago and the lack of snow on the ground and the fact that we put our clocks ahead an hour this weekend, I was mentally prepared for spring. Now I have to go back to February “do I have enough rock salt?” mode. But I have plenty of that, along with tea and candles –  and I haven’t put away the flannel shirts yet – so I’m all set.

It’s comfort food weather, and my forecast calls for periods of pasta, with a 100% chance of pie.

One thought on “Winter, Still

  1. I got home just after 6:30, and couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing of Ginger Zee describing on World News for the Eastern section of the country. G– d— Bob, this is messed up: the worst storm of the winter, one week before spring??!

    It wasn’t that long ago you were shoveling snow when that moron ran by you on the sidewalk. I think that’s highly unlikely to ever happen again. I’m glad they’ve canceled your jury duty, but you’d probably be staying off the roads anyway since it sounds like you’ve stocked up on what you need to ride this one out.

    Out here we’ve had quite a few dark, gloomy days this winter, and if I didn’t have to be at work, I just stayed home and slept. It’s great to shut everything down give in to it. In the next few weeks though I’ve got to get myself back over to the L.A. Fitness and swim off the extra weight. 155 needs to return to 145 once again. While you’re inbound, just do some exercises you like on You Tube.

    I haaate spring forward when it isn’t exactly 6 months apart. I’m going to bed extra early to try to normalize. It’s an hour later than it’s supposed to be. Maybe tonight I’ll have a melatonin-induced dream where I hear a guy screaming “Stella”, or again see that film poster of ‘The Boss Baby’ from the side of that bus staring right at me—–with an unmistakably familiar ‘fish’ mouth.

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