When I Take My Sugar To Tea

In my most recent Saturday Evening Post column, I made the observation that most things are improved when you cover them with sugar. But I wasn’t talking about eyes.

This weekend I was making a cup of tea, as I do around a half dozen times a day, when I noticed some sugar on top of the plastic bottle. As I’ve done many times before I quickly blew on it to get the sugar off of it, but this time the sugar, instead of falling away from me, went directly into my eye. It was one of those sugar-related eye injuries you keep hearing about but never think will ever happen to you.

I rinsed my eye out and it’s not red and doesn’t hurt, though it doesn’t quite feel 100% yet. I’m going a few days without a contact lens in that eye to see how it is then (I actually have great vision even if I wear just my left lens – I’m like the Six Million Dollar Man that way). In the future I’ll be more careful with my sugar-dispersing activities. Or maybe I’ll just switch to packets.

One thought on “When I Take My Sugar To Tea

  1. Sorry to read about your eye, Bob. It sounds freak accident-ish, but fortunately not serious, and sounds like you’re already on the mend. After this I’d either just wipe the bottle top with a moist paper towel, or flick it off in the sink with a quick rinse. This way the sugar won’t fly around and attract bugs.

    I’m glad you’re a tea drinker, I am too. I like green tea during the day with a little sugar or Hazelnut cream, then just lightly sweetened Chamomile a couple of hours before bed when I’m winding down for the night which I’ve had to make earlier due to the absurd spring forward. It makes it very difficult to get up and out in the morning. Might make a good column. If your eye is still “off” in a few day, then get it checked out.

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