A Fistful of Dollars

I went to the convenience store up the street (I could probably say “down the street” but up seems more positive in some way?) and bought a few things. When the clerk gave me my change it was all one dollar bills, maybe 8 or 9 of them. When he handed them to me he said “That’s for when you go to the strip club tonight.”

My first reaction was, how did this guy know I was going to a strip club tonight? Kidding! My first reaction was to look around me to see who else was there and what they thought of the joke. Guy in his 30s. No reaction at all.

Warmer today. A day that said “summer is coming, time to put the screen door in and buy bug spray.” Of course, we had a day like this a couple of weeks ago, when we thought the seasonal switch had been turned on, and then this weekend it was rainy and in the 40s and I had to turn the heat on again, so who knows if this will last. May is a weird month (though not as weird as April).