It Is Happening Again

Shoes don’t vibrate. Sure, they can, if the water is warm, but then you have to think about the pickles. Put it this way: if a helicopter started to talk, would that mean you had to go to Macy’s to buy a shirt? You take all the flowers and put them into the sky, but they’re not running for office. They don’t care, so why should you? There’s nothing left that’s yellow, and you sit there with a Dixie cup, ready to cross the river.

If you don’t understand the paragraph above, trust me, it makes more sense than last night’s premiere of the Twin Peaks reboot.

I don’t remember the original being this weird, not from the get-go. Was it? It was more of a mystery, this small town where a murder happens and everything seems normal but there’s a lot of weirdness hidden (and then it became crazy). This reboot is just wall-to-wall strangeness, an acid trip, a series of odd scenes put together. Lots of interesting imagery and WTF moments, but if it’s just weird for weirdness sake without any cohesion, what’s the point?

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe David Lynch will tie it all together at the end, but I don’t know if I can stick with it for that long. I’ve been screwed over before (*cough* Lost *cough*). Or maybe it’s just specifically for Twin Peaks super fans and not anyone else (and there’s nothing wrong with that). This might be one of those shows that I don’t really watch all the way through, I’ll just read the Wikipedia recap when it’s over.

2 thoughts on “It Is Happening Again

  1. I’m afraid I must agree with you on the Twin Peaks ‘reboot’ as it were, after having watched parts one and two last night. It is just weird for weirdness sake, without anything leading up to it, or something almost normal as a default point to which to return to.

    Having said that, I’m going to re-watch the original series again before watching any more of the new 2017’s. I haven’t seen the original shows since 1990, ’91, so in a sense, THOSE shows will be all new all over again to me anyway, and would like to see them again.

    As far as ‘Lost’ goes, I checked out of THAT ‘Hotel California’ after about the 5th episode in October 2004, running for the door, leaving permanently. The show was wasting my time, and making a fool out of me! I don’t like that, or tolerate it; be it in real life or a TV series. The characters can be left in the dark, but never me. Yet I knew a lot of people who watched it for YEARS (2010) only to come to the same conclusion of NO conclusion I did almost right away!! Did I say “I told you so?” Well……no. I said “I could say I told you so, but I won’t.”

    The jury’s still out on the new Twin Peaks, and the door is ajar, but my hand’s not far from the knob.

    1. The problem with Lost is that they really didn’t know where they were going after the first season and then it just went haywire (though there are many individual episodes/story arcs that are great).

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