Crimson and Clover

Readers of The Letter (next issue is coming next week) will recall that I had an odd thing happen to me several months ago, involving an actor on The Twilight Zone and someone who knocked on my door. Well, this is just as weird, and it involves another classic TV show.

I was driving back from the supermarket Tuesday, playing around with the Sirius XM radio dial, when I came across the 60’s song “Crimson and Clover.” I don’t know why I thought of this, but I was imagining that it was make for a great Jeopardy! answer. It could be one of those answers where they give you one half of the question and you have to give the other half. Maybe give the “Clover” part and the contestant would have to give the other part.

Later that night, this was an answer on Jeopardy!:

This deep red is paired with clover in a 1960s song title.

I really should play the lottery more often.

One thought on “Crimson and Clover

  1. Well, at least this time the supermarket indirectly played a role in something pretty cool happening! That’s very amazing how you heard the song, thought about Jeopardy as described, and then had it happen that very evening!

    Fortunately I haven’t gotten that song stuck in my head. Sometimes it can happen without actually hearing it. The last two (for me) recently were ‘Magic’ (by Pilot) and ‘Sky High’ (by Jigsaw) both from mid-’75, right before I graduated from high school. Fortunately I liked/like both. Now I’m wondering if “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” (by Sugarloaf—exact same time) will also? It was a favorite too, so that’s okay. “It’s a Small World” though, was and is one of the worst. No offense meant to Walt Disney. The people running his company have left no stone unturned in doing that.

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