For reasons I don’t quite understand (it has to do with science), summer begins tonight in the Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones but tomorrow at 12:24 am for people in the Eastern time zone.

Longtime readers will remember how much I dislike summer. I won’t go into another rant but you can read why here and here. I was thinking today that it seems I spend most of my summers doing two things: sweating and killing ants.

Ants. I hate ’em.

I can’t wait for Labor Day.

One thought on “Them!

  1. I’m sorry the summer’s here too; even more so that it’s BEEN here for the past couple of weeks with 100-110 degree weather day in and day out! At least it hasn’t been humid. I was out all day Tuesday and my condo was 93 when I walked in at 8:50 pm! I immediately clicked on the central air, and by 9:20 it was down to 85 (already comfortable) and 81 by 10.

    I turned it off at 10:15 when my melatonin had kicked in, and turned ON my 8″ round fan for the night. It’s a great ‘residual’ cool air flow (off to the side) and not on me directly. It’s economical, and perfect for sleeping. The central air is fantastic, but I try to use it sparingly; it’s expensive. I have it paid ahead because I know there are days when I’ll be home all day, and it’ll HAVE to be on.

    We have to ride it out. At least when it’s supposed to be autumn back east, it is. Realistically, in L.A., it’s going to be hot (and I mean up to 100) through October well into November, with “fall” coming around Thanksgiving, but lasting only through December.

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