Trick or Heat

There’s Halloween candy on the shelves at the supermarket. It’s July 28.

Seriously, there it is, right next to the plastic sand buckets and back-to-school supplies. This is the section of the store where the seasons overlap, where you have the summer things rubbing up against the fall things. It used to make its appearance in August, but here it is muggy July and they want us to think about a late October night when people are dressed like vampires. I’d love to start thinking about cold fall nights (and days), but it’s still summer, so it’s all just a big tease.

There’s an even funnier shelf in October, when you see Halloween candy, school supplies, and Christmas decorations all together. If you had just woken up from a coma in the aisle you wouldn’t know what month it is.

Doesn’t it seem like everything is sped up these days? I’ve been seeing back-to-school commercials since July 4. Sorry kids, summer’s over!  Put down those ice cream cones and get ready for math!