I Rate Things

On a scale of 1 to 10…

The Monuments Men: 7
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: 10
People who sit on my stairs and leave their Dunkin’ Donuts cups and cigarette butts: 0
Grocery carts with wobbly wheels: 1
Car commercials: 0
Frank Sinatra: 10
Sweatpants without pockets: 4
In-ear headphones: 2
No-alcohol mouthwash: 5
Reynolds Wrap: 10
Wolf Blitzer: 4

One thought on “I Rate Things

  1. Cigarette (cancer stick) butts are even worse than the coffee cups Bob, because it means they were sitting there smoking in your vicinity, getting their dual fix of nicotine and caffeine where you could accidentally smell it*, ugghk. More than likely you always have to clean up their litter, mmm hmm. The least they can do is put the extinguished butts in the empty coffee cups if nothing else, thank you!

    *Pot is different. I don’t smoke it (or care for it personally) but also don’t find the scent of it offensive at all when getting a whiff of it here and there.

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