Baby, It’s Warm Outside

First off, a big thank you to everyone who contributed to this! It is much appreciated.

Second…why is summer back? I didn’t order this. Can I send it back and get something else? Maybe the nachos?

I had already switched to “hot beverage mode” last week when the temps dropped to the 60s and there was a nice E/NE breeze. Finally, fall was here! No more shorts! No more sweating! No more annoying “It’s gonna be a Subaru summer” commercials! Now we’re back to dew points around 65 or so and I’m kicking myself for putting the fan away. Supposed to be a change on Friday when a cold front comes by, brings some relief, and pushes Maria out to sea. More mugginess next week though.

I don’t want to get all political, but I’m taking a knee too. To protest the return of summer. It’s just symbolic though, because if I actually took a knee at this point it would take me a while to get back up.

One thought on “Baby, It’s Warm Outside

  1. It’s a drag, for sure. Unfortunately it’s over 100 out here (N/West L.A.) AGAIN today. I haven’t seen those particular Subaru ads. Their’s are generally pretty good when they have the dogs driving the cars. Car ads ARE among the MOST annoying of any/all commercials, period. It’s one of the reasons I watch very little network TV now.

    The telecommunications ads are 2nd worst. Verizon has a male spokesperson equivalent of Ellen on the irritation level, even more so than the Trivago guy. Just chill out with some chips and salsa for a snack, and for pizza, try a thin crust vegetarian with extra tomato sauce. You won’t miss the meat or cheese. I put some comments 2 days ago on the Post’s pizza feature on it.

    They’ve had their web carousel spinning so fast this week, I’m feeling like Lucy trying to grab the chocolates before they get away! Don’t worry, your Fall will get there. I have a long, hot October to contend with, A dip in the Playboy Mansion pool sounds great. Oh no—-I did not say that today!

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