Some first week of October debuts:

Charles Schulz’s Peanuts, on October 2, 1950
The Twilight Zone, on October 2, 1959
The Andy Griffith Show, on October 3, 1960
The Dick Van Dyke Show, on October 3, 1961

Now, those are four of my favorite, well, anything ever, so I’m particularly pleased that, purely by happenstance, Professor Barnhardt’s Journal made it’s debut the first week of October too. In fact, today is PBJ’s 15th anniversary.

When I started PBJ, I didn’t know what to expect. The big question was, could I get anyone to contribute? I sent out e-mails to people I liked and tried to persuade them to write for me. How could they refuse? My pitch was basically this: Not only will you not be paid, you’ll be read by almost three dozen people! I didn’t have a lot of hope and figured I’d have to write everything myself, but then I had people like Roger Ebert get back to me and say, sure, I’d love to write for you!

It still amazes me. USA Today even named us a “Hip Click,” and Yahoo! made us their “Pick of the Week.”

I have a post up over there where I pick several of my favorite essays and stories over the years. There are others I could have mentioned but I didn’t want the post to be just be a long, hard-to-get-through list, so after you read what I’ve picked take a look at the archives.

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