I Rate Things, Part 2

On a scale of 1 to 10…

Swiffer mops: 7
La La Land: 10
Martinis made with vodka instead of gin: 3
Adults who say Halloween is their favorite holiday: 4
Stouffer’s Bourbon Steak Dinner: 9
Turner Classic Movies: 10
Price is Right contestants who bid $1 when they’re not the last bidder: 1
Walnuts in banana bread: 3
Dixie To-Go Cups: 10
The new design on Dixie To-Go Cups: 6


2 thoughts on “I Rate Things, Part 2

    1. I was kind of forced to watch ‘La La Land’ recently. I’ll give it 9 for trying/attempting to recreate something from a bygone era, but an uncharacteristically kind 6 for the actual finished product. Much of it had to do with these ‘stars’ makin’ a film way out of their league and time period. Future attempts should be left for middle school productions or NBC——same difference.

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