About Last Night

I haven’t had costumed visitors to my home in 15-20 years. I think it’s because my building is nestled between two businesses that are closed at night and I’m on the second floor, accessible only if you climb a long flight of stairs on the side of the building. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still buy candy. I mean, if I happen to have a kid at my door I don’t want to have to give him a packet of instant oatmeal or Listerine Breath Strips.

As a bonus, since I didn’t have any visitors, I get to eat the candy.

One thought on “About Last Night

  1. Definitely have the candy handy, just make sure it’s what YOU like of course. I didn’t have any come to my place either (upstairs also) which is a condo complex, and haven’t in years. I noticed parents of a few young children in costumes driving out Tuesday night, probably to ‘regular house’ neighborhoods nearby.

    I still had a small bag of fun-size Milky Ways on hand on the off off chance, that are now in the break room at work. My Red Vines will NEVER wind up there however, unless I bring in a bag as a treat. I can never find them in the grape flavor though; I bet they’re good too. I should just buy those online. Red Hots also; don’t see them in the stores anymore unfortunately.

    Candy aside, the L.A. weather has been in the 68-72 range all week after being over 100 all last week.

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