Winters Is Coming

Is it too early for Christmas music?

In a piece for the print Saturday Evening Post a couple of years ago, I half-jokingly said that I didn’t mind if radio stations started to play holiday music the day after Halloween. Well, last week, just after Halloween, I noticed that the SIRIUS-XM holiday stations I like had already launched.

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas.

I really don’t mind. I’ve even set the stations as “favorites” on the SIRIUS-XM app on my television, something I set up this past week (after downloading approximately 27 updates to the Playstation). I don’t know how much I’m going to listen to them before Thanksgiving, but they’re there if the mood strikes me. The supermarket shelves are already filled with Santa-shaped peanut butter cups and reindeer-shaped chocolates and there’s wrapping paper and bows and tags for sale, and while I think that having the feel of Christmas come earlier and earlier as the years pass isn’t necessarily a good thing (in 2027, we’ll be able to buy tinsel and garland at back-to-school sales), there are worse things than having to deal with festive red and green a few weeks earlier than we’re used to.

There shouldn’t be mall Santas yet though. I saw on the news a story about a mall that already has a St. Nick sitting in a chair, ready to talk to children. It’s way too early for that. When a Santa sits in a chair in a mall on November 1, it doesn’t say “Christmastime is here…happiness and cheer” it says “sad guy still has on his costume from last night and he’s probably hungover.”

Speaking of satellite radio, one of those odd coincidences that seem to happen to me happened to me a few days ago. I was reading a list of songs – I can’t even remember where I was reading it or what the list was, exactly – and on it were three or four songs by a vocalist I had never heard of before, Pinky Winters. I didn’t even know if Pinky was a man or a woman. I’ve heard of two Pinkys in my life. One would be Pinky Lee, male comic and TV show host of the 50s, and the other is Pinky Tuscadero, sister of Leather, on Happy Days. But I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Pinky Winters or anything ever sung by Pinky Winters (by the way, if I ever manage an all-girl rock band, I’m going to suggest the name Sister of Leather).

I made a mental note to Google “Pinky Winters” and went about my day, busy with other things. Of course, I forgot all about it and didn’t give it another thought.

Last night I go to SIRIUSXM and who’s singing on the Sinatra channel at the very moment the sound clicks on? Pinky Winters.

(I Googled. She’s a woman, and she’s still with us.)

One thought on “Winters Is Coming

  1. It’s still too early for Christmas music, I guess it can start the day after Thanksgiving; but would prefer December 1st. Christmas has become the Mother of all stressed Holidays. It wouldn’t be that bad if living in this country wasn’t so stressful everyday all the rest of the year.

    The TV commercials are the worst aspect, SO I’m mainly keeping it off until New Year’s. The auto ads are always he most annoying year round anyway, and the ante is really upped at Christmas. $60k Cadillacs, $75k BMW’s to surprise the wife with on the driveway with feathery, fake snow on Christmas morning (no shovel needed) as they step out of their one-per-center mansions.

    I like the tried and true classic Christmas songs the best, meaning not much after about 1964. My favorite New Year’s song is ‘Ding Dong’ (Excellent Audio) by George Harrison on YouTube from 1974 that’s still cool. It’s REALLY too early to bring THAT up, unless psychologically I’m trying to just skip Christmas?

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