One thought on “Enough with the Die Hard already

  1. I’ll say enough with ANY ‘Die Hard’ films period, ever. That goes for any other unwatchable, brain-dead action only fare like ‘Iron Man’ anything, ‘Long Kiss Goodnight’ or the film embodiment of the super disgusting Tim Burton in ‘Batman Returns’. Michelle Pfeiffer threw in with him twice no less, in Tim’s ‘Dark Shadows’ 20 years later. She redeemed herself more recently portraying Ruth Madoff—–good decision Michelle.

    Fortunately ‘Shadows’ was a bomb (thank you God!!) and Johnny’s films ever since have continued to be huge bombs. How long he remains Disney and Tim Burton’s whore of choice remains to be seen at this point, but he’ll keep the drunken swished-out pirate shtick going, if nothing else. Anyway, the rest of your list is excellent!

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