This Christmas

I was dreaming of a white Christmas (just like the ones I used to know), and I didn’t think I was going to get one. It’s been rainy and windy and raw all morning here on the coast but there’s been none of the white stuff that they’re getting inland.

Just looked out the window again. Snowing like hell.

I was hoping to have The Letter in your hands a few days ago but time got away from me. I swear I’ll have them written, stamped, and dropped into a blue box the first week of 2018.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

One thought on “This Christmas

  1. Sounds like you’re going to be in for a deep-freeze all over the East coast for the next week according to the national news. Yikes! Hopefully you won’t need to go out in it unless you have to. I’m sure you wish you could take a blowtorch to the damn snow nuisance at your residence!

    On the upside, you’ll probably get your new POST if not by this Saturday, probably Jan. 2nd or 3rd. That’s when I’m expecting mine.

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