Oh the weather outside is…

Tonight’s a chili night. Notice that I didn’t say it was a chilly night, though it is indeed a chilly night. But it’s also a chili night (but not, just to make things clear, a Chile night).

We’re supposed to get up to a foot of snow tomorrow. Bitter cold temps, really high winds, coastal flooding, possible blizzard conditions, followed by more cold and ice. The gas station down the street is more crowded with cars than I’ve ever seen it. I have all of the important items you need for a storm: candles, batteries, rock salt, and hot chocolate, so I’m ready. Though I better finish my column before the power goes out.

5 thoughts on “Oh the weather outside is…

  1. It sounds like you’re prepared to ride this frozen nightmare out. The hot chocolate is one of the most important things to make staying inside a lot more tolerable. To this day, there aren’t too many things that it can’t help greatly improve. My mom used it often on me as a kid and a teen to fix my problems, and it usually worked!

    I hope your car’s okay and the AAA is current. Had to get a new battery January 3rd, and today spent $200—oh—excuse me—$199.99 on some necessary computer malware and virus removal. I didn’t realize it had expired. Now I can call for unlimited “free” remote help until 1/4/21 whenever there’s a problem.

    By the way, things worked out great for New Year’s Eve. I wisely stayed home and went to be early. I’m DONE with that stupid holiday—for good, for sure!

    Got my new Post Wednesday, hope you got yours. Love the buffalo cover and thought it was photography at first. I’m reading ‘Oceans on the Edge’ first. You know Bob, it would be kind of nice if the Post could benefit from the new film ‘The Post’. That might make an interesting post!

  2. What’s up with the blue highlighting on certain words that takes you to ads? It’s also on the Post’s site. Pop-ups where I’ve had to ‘X’ out have been really bad the last two weeks, now this? Please review and advise. I meant paragraph 3 (not 4) in last comment; a typo on top of a typo. Note to self: don’t comment when you’re tired.

  3. Yes, on this site also, but I don’t see it today. It’s back to normal, for now. My computer did a bizarre reconfiguration all on its own where the background was black and the letters were yellow. It was a virus. At least now I can have it fixed remotely again. Something’s up with the mouse though, it’s too sensitive. Might be time for a new one at Best Buy; this one is from 2008.

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