Hark the Herald

I was sad to hear about the sale of The Boston Herald, though I’m hoping that sadness will be temporary. Maybe the paper will stick around and its employees with flourish under the new ownership, though most people who know about these things don’t think it will.

The Herald was the first major publication I ever wrote for on a regular basis. I freelanced for their arts and entertainment section. Long before he hosted his late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel, promoting The Man Show, told me he was “a terrible misogynist but a wonderful father.” A very tired Martin Short called me to talk about his new daytime talk show and told me about the talk show he did in his attic when he was a kid. I got to ask Kurtwood Smith about his guest appearance on Stingray, even though the interview was supposed to be about That 70’s Show.

I talked to Al Franken about his new sitcom.

How was your Valentine’s Day? I’m in no position to truly enjoy Valentine’s Day. It was just Wednesday to me. Though I did write a poem that night.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
It’s Valentine’s Day
I’m eating frozen dinners alone

The Letter is coming. I’ve said that before, haven’t I? One of the best things about making it a quarterly is that I now have more freedom when it comes to when it comes out. No more monthly deadlines that had me scrambling, and I can make them longer. It will be out by the end of the month, and the next one will follow in about three months.

In the meantime, here’s this week’s Saturday Evening Post column, where I talk about my lack of interest in the Olympics, Abraham Lincoln’s cabin, new books, the last Peanuts strip, Vic Damone, and more.

Have a great weekend. Supposed to snow tonight.

2 thoughts on “Hark the Herald

  1. Hopefully the new version of The Boston Herald will be to your liking. Usually changes in ownership aren’t for the better (as you know). I basically like the revived version (2014-?) of Newsweek. It carries almost no ads, and its cover price is about $10. You can subscribe for less than $2 per copy and I’m thinking about getting it. It’s not commonly seen on newsstands now.

    It bears little resemblance to the old Newsweek, which itself had changed drastically during the 2000’s up to 2012 when it was shutdown as a magazine. Is Al Franken really getting a new sitcom? I thought those recent allegations would have prevented that. Jeremy Piven’s CBS show was recently cancelled for that reason, speaking of shutdowns.

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