Just a couple of hours into this storm, rain falling lightly against the windows, and the power has already gone out. It was only for five seconds, which is short enough not to get you frustrated but still long enough to mess up the clocks and the internet and the TV. A reboot morning.

The lights just flickered again. I better post this before I get knocked offl

One thought on “Nor’easter

  1. It’s a drag having to reboot everything, but at least you didn’t lose your power; especially for the lights, refrigerator and heating. If you don’t have to keep your power usage to a minimum (and don’t have this series on DVD), Decades-TV is doing a binge of ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ this weekend. They made so many episodes in a season back then, it’s doubtful they’ll get much further than season 2 by Sunday night.

    In an unusual move, I’m getting together with some friends not to watch vintage TV or movies Sunday night, no; to watch The Academy Awards*!! It has nothing to do with the films, or the lookalike “stars” with their Australian accents. This is all about (hopefully) seeing some real awkwardness and degradation in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal that started 5 months ago and keeps on claiming victims! It won’t happen, but a sudden rainstorm on the “red carpet” would be a nice start. Then, maybe 15 minutes into the show, some woman makes allegations against Jimmy Kimmel—-leaving him speechless—–and in tears—–of course—–altering the entire show. #MeToo, Boohoo Jimmy.

    *I’ll bet more than a few of today’s “stars” attending (not to mention the stupid public) don’t know that that’s the real name of it, not ‘The Oscars’ at all. The name was probably changed to distinguish it because it’s the caboose at the end of a long train of similar shows that have been going on for months.

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