Dumb Stuff

Interesting piece in The New York Times on how some “dumb” tech can be better than the smart stuff companies keep inventing.

I know what he means. A pen and a notebook make more sense to me if I need to take notes than an iPad or app. I still have my Timex because I want my watch to just tell me one piece of information, the time, not access all of my other devices.  I’m already online 10 hours a day so I don’t need a phone that can access the web (not being on social media helps). I don’t even own a cell right now. When I do get one again it’s going to be a flip phone, because my main goal with it will be… to make phone calls.

Dumb can be easier, clearer, more comforting. You don’t have to always upgrade dumb. There’s something to be said about separating the media and technology we use every day, getting away from all the screens and buttons. It gives you some mental breathing room.

“The Internet Of Things” is supposed to be a step forward but I have no desire to access the web from my toaster.

I’m happy about all of the things we can experience, watch, listen to, and do in 2018 (including being able to post the words you’re reading right now), but sometimes I just want to party like it’s 1959.