That’s the name of the winter storm that’s going to hit us tomorrow.

What, you didn’t know that they’re giving names to snowstorms now? They (and by “they” I mean The Weather Channel) name each winter storm the way we name hurricanes. This is pointless, but like many things that are pointless, it’s also irritating.

The two other storms we’ve had recently were named Quinn and Riley. So we have Quinn, Riley, and Skylar. Apparently the storms this particular winter are named after the friends your kid has in their kindergarten class.

We could get 20 inches, with gusty winds and blizzard conditions. I love snow and winter weather – I’ll always take a cold December day over a warm June day – but even I have my limits. And that limit is “three nor’easters in a week and a half.”

One thought on “Skylar

  1. I know it’s REALLY horrible back East now, and has been for too many days. I’m sure you’re past your limit now, but have to ride it out. Hopefully you can have Thai food and pizza delivered to your door if the streets are even drive-able; geez!

    Those names you mentioned are still within a normal range. I have some friends that have a 14 year old son with 3 male friends his age named Kazuma, Ramses and Pooh. Yeah, you read that right. His parents were/are major Winnie the Pooh/Disney fans. That one actually makes the first two seem almost normal—–but only by comparison! Pooh’s last name starts with a P, so he’s also called “PP”.

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