Dollar Sign

I was lucky enough not to have any major wind or flood damage from the various storms that have hit the area in the past few weeks (another one is coming tomorrow), but that doesn’t mean I’ve come though unscathed.

I lost my S.

I was getting my mail out of the mailbox yesterday when I noticed that the first “S” in my last name is missing. The stick-on letter must have blown away in the wind. For reasons you can probably figure out by looking at my last name I don’t want to leave it that way, so I rummaged though the junk drawer to find a replacement letter. Turns out I’m all out of the letter “S” (they really should include a few more) and putting any other letter completely changes my name.

So I’m going with the dollar sign. I don’t think anyone will notice since it’s basically an “S” with a thin line through it that isn’t too visible unless you’re up close. And as someone once said – I think it was Raymond Chandler – if it’s good enough for Ke$ha, it’s good enough for me.

One thought on “Dollar Sign

  1. Ke$ha, huh? Apparently the first “S” did blow away in the wind. I wouldn’t know how else to explain it either! Fortunately the envelope otherwise didn’t, and that’s the important thing. I’ll have to see how your name looks on the envelope when I get my letter next week, Bob.

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