The Web Was A Better Place Before Social Media

In light of the recent data-sharing and privacy issues involving Facebook, I was going to write a rant…I mean, measured essay…on why I don’t use social media. But going through my archives I realized I had already written thousands of words on the subject. Here are the articles I’ve written – I’ll call it “The Social Media Trilogy.”

Thoughts On Social Media
Five Observations About Facebook And Twitter (and How To Survive Without Them)
Everything Is Stupid, Everything Is Exhausting

(Update: OK, I wrote a fourth one: The 10 People You Meet In Hell (aka Twitter).

One thought on “The Web Was A Better Place Before Social Media

  1. Well, I have had a Twitter account since 2009, but only use it in connection with The Saturday Evening Post—–sometimes. I put in a lot of comments on their website on all kinds of topics, most days of the week. I get Twitter e-mail updates from the Post, NCIS, Jane Fonda, and more in the same email.

    Apparently last Saturday was National Puppy Day per checking the Post tweets. I responded to one of a cool bulldog identified as Beurt Durham, so I clicked on it sending a quick message that I’m sure he brightens everyone’s day at the Post if he’s brought into their offices, and that was it.

    After I sent it, I wasn’t sure if I was tweeting the dog or his owner, but then figured/realized it didn’t matter. I’m sure it was appreciated IF it was received, right, because it was a nice mini message. I’m not sure if the Tweets ARE received on the semi-rare occasions I do send them, which is weird to me. With you and the Post though, I always know.

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