The Web Was A Better Place Before Social Media

In light of the recent data-sharing and privacy issues involving Facebook, I was going to write a rant…I mean, measured essay…on why I don’t use social media. But going through my archives I realized I had already written thousands of words on the subject. Here are the articles I’ve written – I’ll call it “The Social Media Trilogy.”

Thoughts On Social Media
Five Observations About Facebook And Twitter (and How To Survive Without Them)
Everything Is Stupid, Everything Is Exhausting

One thought on “The Web Was A Better Place Before Social Media

  1. Well, I have had a Twitter account since 2009, but only use it in connection with The Saturday Evening Post—–sometimes. I put in a lot of comments on their website on all kinds of topics, most days of the week. I get Twitter e-mail updates from the Post, NCIS, Jane Fonda, and more in the same email.

    Apparently last Saturday was National Puppy Day per checking the Post tweets. I responded to one of a cool bulldog identified as Beurt Durham, so I clicked on it sending a quick message that I’m sure he brightens everyone’s day at the Post if he’s brought into their offices, and that was it.

    After I sent it, I wasn’t sure if I was tweeting the dog or his owner, but then figured/realized it didn’t matter. I’m sure it was appreciated IF it was received, right, because it was a nice mini message. I’m not sure if the Tweets ARE received on the semi-rare occasions I do send them, which is weird to me. With you and the Post though, I always know.

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