One thought on “That’s Not How It Works. That’s Not How Any Of This Works.

  1. You’re right Bob. This is not how it works. It’s not how any of it works. The thing is, almost nothing works because everything is broken and/or has been turned completely upside down. It’s been this way for years and just gets worse. Indiana Jones is going to be “rebooted” or “re-imagined” for the new decade I (personally) have already named “The BORING 20’s” .

    Indiana Joan will capitalize on Ford’s franchise, but will essentially be kick-butt stunt woman shtick of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider meets Jennifer Garner’s ‘Alias’ and who knows what else. Still, it can’t be any worse than the brain dead, in-name-only (2010-??) version of ‘Hawaii 5-0′ with it’s non-stop pyro-technics and that smug little creep Alex O’Loughlin. I might actually watch the episode where he’s bein’ sliced and diced by what appears to be a kick-butt woman, but is actually a completely disguised young Jack Lord clone with all of his memories, and he’s REALLY pissed off! So fitting for the fake McGarrett to be eliminated by the (almost) real one. Close enough! Oh, and this is 5-0’s 50th anniversary—-time for its revenge!

    So for now, we’ll concentrate on perhaps the ONLY good film to come out this year: ‘Chappaquiddick’. Oh my, oh yes. I’m actually going to the movie theater to see it! Of course I’ll have the earplugs handy for the previews or stay in the lobby until my friends text me the pyrotechnic previews are over and THEN I’ll come in. Yeah, that’s much better.

    Just remember, you didn’t screw everything up or make everything fall apart the way it is now. I’m sure this will be the only film I’ll be paying money to see this year, and that’s okay. Quality trumps quantity. I’ll be keeping my eye out for the letter in my mailbox next week————— or eventually.

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