22 Years!

This month marks the 22nd year of this site. Every year at this time I like to give a quick rundown of what this site is all about for first-time visitors.

I’m a writer. I do a weekly column for The Saturday Evening Post and freelance for various other sites. I created the pop culture site Professor Barnhardt’s Journal and in 2003 I published Book, with Words and Pages, a collection of essays and short humor pieces.

I also publish The Letter, a quarterly, handwritten (sometimes typed) missive that I snail mail out to people who would like to get a letter (remember those?) again. Here’s how you can subscribe and what you’ll find in each letter. It’s only $12 a year!

I’ll take tea over coffee, dogs over cats, and cold weather over warm. My favorite TV shows are The Dick Van Dyke Show and Mad Men, I need to lose a few pounds, I’ve never sent a text, and when I was around 10 I accidentally punched a nun. (It’s a long story.)

Oh, did I mention I’m available for work? I’m available for work.

And now, a flashback to the mid-90’s: NBC News talking about this new thing called “the internet.” Katie Couric understood before anyone what was going to happen to us.

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