Right here, right now

An old MacBook. A full cup of vanilla chai. A Westclox travel alarm clock I use as my desk clock. A coffee table because I don’t have a desk. Four remote controls because everything has to be more complex now. A copy of Boston magazine. A box of tissues (Scotties) and a pack of gum (Extra cinnamon). A Uni-Ball Jetstream pen and three Field Notes. Columbo on my TV. Books by E.B. White, Peg Bracken, and Walter Mosley. Thoughts on what to have for dinner tonight, what I need from the supermarket, and a crisp October wind coming in through an open door.

2 thoughts on “Right here, right now

  1. Let’s start with the best part: that crisp October wind coming in through an open door. Are you getting some nice Fall foliage yet in your favorite season? You’ve been able to put away those shorts and the fans to cool the place down. That’s really good!

    Let us all know if anything weird happens (again) at the supermarket. That topic has been dry. You’ve got a lot to be happy about, until it gets too cold later, but even then you can layer clothing, bed comforters, the electric blanket. Room heaters are an economical way to warm the place up vs. a/c to cool it down.

    October HAD been cool-er than September, until now. I’m facing 90+ hot weather AGAIN (true to October form in lousy, expensive La-La land.) My eyes have recovered from Monday’s wicked winds. fortunately. I got caught off guard with a strong gust of some filthy wind. It’s no fun having to rinse your eyes out with water, trust me. Fortunately I followed it up with the Clear Eyes!

    Keep good thoughts there are NO FIRES! Arsonists should be kept in nasty prisons with what they hold near and dear, cut off. Oh yes, their “boys” Bob, mmm hmm. Put away the remotes that aren’t necessary, keep watching Columbo, and keep all your copies of the Post in date order, and in a safe place.

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