This week we answer the question, can a stoner dude successfully complete a transaction at the supermarket? (Answer: not really.)

I bought some groceries and the clerk was a real-life Jeff Spicoli. At one point, as he was pressing buttons to accept my debit card and giving me my receipt, he said to the guy in line behind me that was buying some food product he was familiar with (and I swear to you he said these very words): “whoa, dude, that stuff is rad!” It was like he was from California stoner/skater central casting.

He forgot to give me the cash I had asked for so he had to open his money drawer again, which is always a hassle. They have to call over someone at a higher pay-grade and they have to open the drawer with a special code and a key and I think a fingerprint or retina scan.

We had a Nor’Easter yesterday, which dumped approximately 4000 wet leaves on my front stairs. Been here 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like it. I think it’s because we had a late foliage here and the trees were still filled with mostly green leaves. Swept them off the stairs and put them into a trash bag. I’m throwing the broom away too because there’s no way I’m using it inside again.

But the leaves on the ground actually looked right, and felt right. The trees are getting bare and there’s a nip in the air (I swear I didn’t mean for that to rhyme). Turned on the heat for the first time this season, and that remains one of the more pleasant household aromas.

It’s fall.

One thought on “Whoa

  1. It’s good fall’s finally arrived back east. I’m still dealing with the heat, of course. So far (shock), no new fires this year. Sorry about the broom; maybe there was tree sap on the leaves. I don’t like that. You have to fill some empty gallon bottles with hot water, squirt some Dawn on the stair steps, scrub and then rinse. Still, at least it’s from nature and not cigarettes & fast food trash left by human trash.

    That (cough) reminds me, Jeff Spicoli was the only role dear Sean Penn ever did that I liked—-on or off screen. So the newest weird grocery store story involves a California cliche clerk that said what you stated above. Did he have a baseball cap on backwards and the scent of pot as well? I have to ask!

    Meanwhile, I’m sorry he spaced-out on giving you your change back. Did he utter “gag me with a spoon, dude!” when he realized he’d shut the drawer in error too soon? Legally they have to have a manager re-open it once shut per such a goof. It’ll be interesting to see if ‘dude’ is there next time. If not, he may be delivering your next pizza from Domino’s or whichever place you normally order from. (Open the box first to make sure all the slices are there if he’s delivering before accepting and giving the tip.)

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