This is not from The Onion

There’s a new book of essays out that’s getting a lot of great reviews, and I was going to buy a copy. Then I came across a column the author wrote a few years ago and decided, hey, I don’t really need to buy that after all.

As the kids these days say… OMG.

It would be brilliant satire if she wasn’t serious.

2019 Fundraiser!


That’s the name the Weather Channel gave the snowstorm that hit overnight (also the name of a really disappointing 1966 Paul Newman movie). Dumped about 4 or 5 inches, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but when it’s a heavy wet snow, drifting on the steep stairs, it’s a battle. Shoveled and put a bunch of rock salt down. Supposed to hit the teens tonight, which should put a nice, slippery glaze on everything.

So I’m in the house on a wintry Sunday afternoon and think to myself, hey, what a perfect day to launch the 2019 fundraiser!

This site costs money to operate. Not an earth-shattering amount, but enough (especially when combined with a curious lack of freelance work), and I want to do several things later this year, including a monthly podcast. More audio! More video! More web sites! More blog posts! More everything! Anything you can contribute will help.

I’ve set it up so you can give either a one-time donation or a monthly amount that you pick. You could choose to give a buck or two every month. Think of it as getting a “subscription” to the site. Just click on the DONATE button over on the right. You’ll be taken to Paypal, where you can contribute via Paypal or your favorite credit or debit card.

Of course, if you don’t want to donate anything, that’s fine too! This site has been free since I launched it in 1996 and it will always be free, and I appreciate each and every visit.

The Letter goes out soon, by the way. As soon as I put some boots on and slide to a mailbox.

How old are you?

For someone who doesn’t like social media, I hear a lot of things about social media. This is a tweet someone sent recently – it’s actually a redo of a tweet someone else did a couple of years ago – that asks an interesting question:

Having only one (rotary) phone in the house, in the kitchen, where everyone could hear what you were saying, and it was plugged into the wall so you had to stay in one place. Having to answer that phone when it rang and you didn’t know who was calling. Busy signals (I miss busy signals).  Waiting for the news to come on at 6pm. Having to wait for a TV show to be rerun if you missed it (if it was rerun at all). Getting off the couch to turn off the TV. The “this concludes our broadcasting day” sign-off. Listening to the radio, hoping they’ll replay that song you really liked. “10 records for a penny!” Showing an ID to use a credit card. Carbon paper. Collecting S&H Green Stamps. Inserting those little yellow things in the center of 45s (also, 45s). Woolworth’s. Waiting until the next day for the print newspaper. Encyclopedia Brittanica. Using the encyclopedia to look up a fact, or calling someone else who might know. Having a TV repairman come to the house. Restaurants that gave out free matchbooks. The need to memorize the phone numbers of all of your family and friends.

How about you?