What Do You Dream Of?

They say we’ve been dreaming more this past year. This has been true for me at least. I’m not only dreaming more but the dreams are more vivid, more relevant, and I’m remembering more about them.

But I’m still having the occasional crazy dream too. Take the one I had the other night. I think it deserves entry in the Weird Dream Hall of Fame (the WDHOF).

I come out of my apartment – I live in a different apartment in a different town in the dream – and I see KFC’s Colonel Sanders walking across the street with a woman. He’s wearing dark, oddly-shaped sunglasses and a long coat. The woman is carrying a boombox, which is playing “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Sanders is singing the song loudly, walking around town. And he’s really good!

In the next scene I’m on the subway – and it’s not a real subway, it’s more like a fake subway set you’d see on a sitcom – and a big man around 6 feet 5 enters the train. At first he just stands there but then, without provocation, he starts punching people in the face. Everyone calmly but quickly leaves the train. The big man does too, walking past me, staring at me but not punching me.

Then I go to the supermarket, where I’m looking for my cat (which is odd because I’m a dog person in real life). After several minutes of searching, I finally find him on a bottom shelf in the paper towel aisle. Then I wake up.

If you have any suggestions on what this dream means, feel free to let me know in the comments. Wrong answers welcome.