How old are you?

This meme keeps coming back – as most memes do – so I thought I’d post something about it again.

Without saying how old you are, name something from your childhood a younger person wouldn’t understand.

Having only one (rotary) phone in the house, in the kitchen, where everyone could hear what you were saying, and it was attached to the wall so you had to stay in one place.

Having to answer that phone when it rang and you didn’t know who was calling.

Memorizing the phone numbers of your family and friends.

Busy signals.

(I miss busy signals). 

Having to wait for a TV show to be rerun if you missed it (if it was rerun at all).

Getting off the couch to turn off the TV or change the channel.

Rabbit ears.

The “this concludes our broadcasting day” sign-off.

Having a TV repairman come to the house.

Listening to the radio, hoping they’ll replay that song you really liked (and racing to tape it).

Rewinding cassettes with a pencil.

Carbon paper.

Handwriting practically everything.

Collecting S&H Green Stamps.

Inserting those little yellow things into the center of 45s.

(And knowing 45s were a small vinyl record, not a gun).

Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Using the encyclopedia to look up a fact, or calling someone else who might know.

Staying outside all day and my mom not knowing where I was and no way to contact me.

Making a list of stuff I wanted for Christmas from the Sears Catalog.

“Give a hoot, don’t pollute.”

“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.”

“Cause Oscar Mayer has a way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a.”

How about you?