Quit social media. Right now.

How’s that New Year’s resolution to quit or at least cut down on social media coming along?

I thought so.

Every January – hell, every other month as well – people complain about Twitter and Facebook (usually on Twitter and Facebook), but it feels more pronounced this year. Social media is distracting us, exhausting us, hurting our mental health, destroying our common sense, changing the way we think about others and ourselves, even getting us fired from our jobs. And let’s not forget the misinformation and sheer stupidity.

I don’t want to go into another huge rant about social media, but I will link to the piece I wrote about it:

The Web Was A Better Place Before Social Media

(And the follow-up.)

Just quit before it’s too late (note: it may already be too late). I swear you’ll still be able to do all of the things you do on Twitter and Facebook in other ways (just because you’re anti-social media doesn’t mean you’re anti-web or anti-technology). And you’ll feel a kind of freedom you haven’t felt in quite some time.