God help me I’m starting a newsletter

I’ve been seeing a lot of “blogging is back” and “newsletters are back” stories recently. And I’d just like to say … some of us never left.

I’ve been doing this blog since 1996. I never quit blogging, I never moved everything over to social media (I see so many writers giving up their sites and just posting on Twitter and Facebook all day and it’s…disheartening), I never changed the site to a static, never-updated landing page, and I never “pivoted to video.”

I’ve always been a fan of newsletters though. I published a print newsletter in the ’90’s and I wrote/edited several email newsletters when I worked at AOL and Tripod.com. I even still snail mail handwritten letters, which are different from email newsletters of course but also old school.

Anyway, I’m starting a newsletter. I don’t want to tell you what it’s about but I think it’s a neat twist on the usual newsletter format. I guess ultimately you’ll be the judge. But I do know it won’t be free. Sorry! Daddy needs a new pair of shoes. It won’t be expensive though (and this site itself will always be free).

Details coming soon. Right now I have to make sure I have enough rock salt for the snow that’s coming today.

Add your thoughts:

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