Thank you (and/or hello)!

Here’s a tip: if you want to get a lot of traffic to your site, quit something.

A hearty thanks to everyone, regular reader and newcomer, who came over to the site to read my controversial piece about freelancing. A special thanks to the other writers and media people who took the time to email me to tell me how they’ve been going through the same things and how they’ve had the same thoughts. I think I struck a nerve.

If you’re new to the site, a little about me. I write a weekly column for The Saturday Evening Post, America’s oldest magazine. I’ve written for several other publications and I’m a former editor at AOL. In 2003 I released a book of essays titled Book, with Words and Pages, which you can now read for free online. I’m working on two more books, a podcast, and maybe even a newsletter-type thing.

I take tea over coffee, dogs over cats, and cold weather over warm. My favorite TV shows are The Dick Van Dyke Show and Mad Men and my favorite movie is It’s A Wonderful Life. I was in an episode of Wings with Debbie Reynolds, I’ve never sent a text, and when I was a kid I accidentally punched a nun (it’s a long story).

If you’d like to follow me (I’m not on social media), you can put your email address in the box on the right and I’ll send you an email every time I have a new post. If you’re old school and use RSS, there’s a button for that over on the right too.

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