Current Events

I don’t usually get into really serious things at this site. I try to keep things on the lighter side, more personal, maybe link to something else I’ve written elsewhere on the web. But sometimes something happens in the world where you have to speak out, because remaining silent speaks volumes about your attitude and your character. This is one of those times.

They’ve changed the directions for White Castle Frozen Sliders. You used to just open up one end of the plastic package the two cheeseburgers come in and microwave them for 60 seconds. Now they’ve not only redesigned the packaging but you have to take the sliders out of the plastic, wrap them in a paper towel, nuke them for 40 seconds, then turn them over and cook them for another 40 seconds.

What a hassle. Why change it? Did consumers ask for this? Did they change the recipe for the burgers so they now have to be cooked a different way? 

People who buy microwave cheeseburgers are looking for speed and convenience. If we wanted anything more, well, we wouldn’t be buying microwave cheeseburgers.