Because we all need to spend less time online

Things I think about late on a Saturday night …

Regular readers know that I’ve been bouncing around the idea of doing a new … thing. I was going to do an email novel, but that went over like a Happy Meal at a vegetarians convention. I thought about doing a Substack, but I already do the very same thing here (Substack is great, but it’s really just a blog and an email list, people!). Patreon? I like it and may even do something on it at some point, but I don’t know …

And then it occurred to me: why does it have to be online at all?

I mean, are we really looking to spend more time online? Are we thinking, “Gee, I wish I spent more time looking at screens?” We have our phones, our computers, our iPads with us 24/7, clicking and scrolling and texting, wouldn’t it be great to get real mail, mail that isn’t bills or ads? Something that will give you a little mental breathing room, away from social media hot takes and auto-play video irritations?

So I’m doing a new print publication. (I hear print is where all the big money is these days.)

What will it be? For several years I did a letter that I snail mailed to people, but I’m not going back to that (though I still write letters). Something more newsletter-ish. More of a publication than a personal missive. A mix of different things: essays, fiction, interviews, cartoons.

None of this will ever be online. It’s all exclusive to print subscribers.

I’m trying to get back to my late 80s/early 90s zine roots. It launches in May. Next week I’ll have details on the price, frequency, and title.