Where were you?

I was at Barnes & Noble. They had just opened for the day, and as I was walking up to the cafe to order a chai, another customer who I didn’t know asked me if I had heard the news and I said no. She told me but I wasn’t sure what to believe because I didn’t know her and she had heard it from someone else. Then another customer confirmed it. This was before most people owned a cell phone.

I took my drink and walked over to the mall to the Sears store. I figured they’d have it on in the television department and they did, on several TVs. I watched the coverage with about a dozen strangers, all of us shocked, of course, one of those moments that bond even strangers for a short time. I watched for about an hour and then left and walked across the highway to Borders Books and they had the radio on in their cafe, something they never did. I spent the rest of the day there.

I later went home and like everyone else watched the TV coverage for the next several days.