Where were you?

I was at Barnes & Noble. They had just opened for the day, and as I was walking up to the cafe to order a chai, another customer who I didn’t know asked me if I had heard the news and I said no. She told me but I wasn’t sure what to believe because I didn’t know her and she had heard it from someone else. Then another customer confirmed it. This was before most people owned a cell phone.

I took my drink and walked over to the mall to the Sears store. I figured they’d have it on in the television department and they did, on several TVs. I watched the coverage with about a dozen strangers, all of us shocked, of course, one of those moments that bond even strangers for a short time. I watched for about an hour and then left and walked across the highway to Borders Books and they had the radio on in their cafe, something they never did. I spent the rest of the day there.

I later went home and like everyone else watched the TV coverage for the next several days.

One thought on “Where were you?

  1. Well, I was home sick that day, when my Mom called and told me something really terrible’s happened in New York with the Twin Towers; a terror attack involving planes, and that it was all over the news. I told her ‘thank you’ for letting me know, which sounds weird but wasn’t, and proceeded to turn on the TV for the 2nd biggest shock of my life, that only got worse in the coming hours and days, of course.

    The first was JFK’s assassination when I was 6 1/2 in the first grade. It also had a surreal feeling for days afterwards. My parents were almost zombie-like, just going through the motions of what was necessary, in a state of shock with the TV on constantly for 4 days. Unlike 9/11 for some reason, it still comes into my mind at least a few times a week, even if only briefly. Sometimes its the Kennedy’s getting off of the plane, smiling and happy. Others include Jackie on the plane with LBJ taking the oath of office afterwards. The worst are the shots being fired and Jackie climbing onto the trunk as the Lincoln sped off. With 9/11, it’s the planes hitting the buildings, all the smoke, and people covered in debris. It’s just less frequent for some reason, but not this month. Awful. .

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