Autumn, at last

And here we are, in the season of falling leaves, chilly mornings and pumpkin spice everything. The time of school work and better holidays, hot tea and comfort foods, when the soul-crushing humidity of the summer months gives way to sweater weather and renewed ambition.

(There’s a longstanding scientific fact I just made up that says more gets done in the colder months of the year than the warmer months.)

I put away my fan this weekend. It’s something I look forward to every year, right up there with early sunsets*, buying a new planner, and lighting the first balsam fir candle in the living room, another thing I did this weekend. I’m not entirely convinced it even smells like a balsam fir, but it does smell like fall and I like it.

Perhaps the best thing about October is that after four months I can finally wear pants again.**

* I actually like it when it gets dark really early. Your mileage may vary.

** Don’t be funny, I mean I’ve been wearing shorts.