Sock it to me

So I did laundry on Saturday morning. (Wow, there’s a thrilling intro to a blog post.)

For some reason I only had two different clean socks left, a white athletic sock and a blue/black checkered dress sock. So I put them on when I got dressed and planned to put on another athletic sock when my clothes were done.

I put my clothes away and two hours later I went to sit in my reclining chair. I sit and put the leg rest up and I look down and notice that I still have on the mismatched socks. I sigh, irritated that I forgot and that I now have to walk to the other end of the apartment to get a sock, but I stop and think, “Why do I have to change it?” I’m staying in all day, no one is coming over, so why can’t I just leave these on?

So the socks don’t match. Who’s going to say anything? If I wear two different socks will some sartorial crimes unit of the police department come and break down my door to arrest me?

(By the way, Sartorial Crimes Unit just got a 13-episode order from CBS.)

Anyway, I wore the mismatched socks all day long and they worked just fine. Maybe I’ll start a new fashion thing, like sleeveless hoodies or wearing a headband with a suit.

This has been a laundry update.