Strawberry Champagne

That’s what I’m drinking right now, as 2021 melts into 2022.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. I mean, can one truly like a drink that sounds like the name of an over-the-hill Las Vegas stripper? But it’s delicious! Smoother than the regular stuff, without the harsh after-effects (though I guess I’ll find out tomorrow morning if that’s true). It’s by Andre’.

It may sound odd but one of my resolutions for the new year is to drink more. And I don’t mean Yoo-Hoo. I drank a solid amount when I was a teenager (don’t drink kids – and stay in school!) and when I was in my 20s, not to a dangerous level I just mean it was a normal thing to do, but somewhere along the line, in my boring 40s, I stopped. (I’m 56 now.) I can honestly say that in the past two years I’ve probably had no more than a dozen alcoholic drinks. That’s weird, right? The most “buzzy” thing I’ve had the past few years is caffeine, but there’s nothing wrong with something stronger once in a while.

I’m looking across my living room right now and I see a fully-stocked bar that I rarely touch. I use the stuff on top of the bar, including a table lamp that illuminates the room and two pine-scented Yankee candles that never smell as good as I want them too, but never the alcohol on the shelves below, the gin, the bourbon, the Cointreau. I declare 2022 my Year of Booze (TM).

This rambling post was brought to you by three glasses of Strawberry Champagne by Andre’. Pick up a bottle today! Happy 2022. RIP Betty White.

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