For those of you keeping score at home, this is the third time I’ve changed my mind

“Everything changes. Don’t be afraid.”

– Al Swearengen, Deadwood


There’s this thing I do where I make an announcement about a project that’s a little premature. I fully intend to do it, but then, in the time between making the announcement and the launch, I start to think about it. In fact, I overthink it (I’m one of the great overthinkers).

That’s what happened with the print newsletter I announced last month, which replaced another print publication I had announced a few months before that. (This is where I would usually embed a link to what I’m talking about but I don’t want to draw more attention to something that isn’t going to happen. In fact, I’m going to delete that page right now. BRB …)

… I’m back.

I’ve decided to do it online instead. There are a few reasons for this, which I will now discuss is boring detail.

It’s just easier. For me and for you. I like sending out mail and I bet you like receiving it (letters, I mean. I’m sure you don’t like receiving bills or offers for timeshares in Florida), but since it will be online I’ll be able to actually write more often than I was going to do in print. And though I’m sure you may not be thrilled about having to read yet another thing on a screen, we’re all used to it, and it’s convenient. (I also have a suspicion that some people don’t want to give out their street address, which makes sense.)

I already did a print thing for years. It was called “The Letter” and it ran from 2012 until 2019. I enjoyed doing it but it certainly was a lot of work for one person.

I already send out a lot of snail mail. I’m a big fan of writing letters and thank you notes and sending real Christmas cards (I’m single-handedly trying to save the post office) and I don’t want to add even more stuff that I need to send out. And when I did “The Letter,” it got to a point where it was rather strange to charge my friends (and people who later became friends) money for a handwritten letter I was sending them. I don’t want that to happen again (even if this new project was going to be more of a newsletter than a casual missive). I’m not going to stop sending out letters and notes to people, not at all. In fact, now that I’m changing things up with this project those letters and notes will increase. It will just be good to not have the newsletter compete with, at least in my mind, regular letters I send out.

I have four options:

– Substack/Patreon. (I know, I know, but they really do look great and they’re easy.)

– an email-based newsletter or site that I cobble together myself

– keeping everything on this site but making certain posts locked for paying subscribers only.

– something else??

Details coming in a few weeks.

Everyone who subscribed to one of the print publications I mentioned earlier will automatically get this, whatever it turns out to be. You don’t have to do anything.

If you’d like a refund on your previous subscription, send me an email with the subject line “What the hell, Bob?”

If you’d like to berate me publicly for changing my mind again, leave a comment below.

If you’d like to see video of a monster crab attacking golfers on Christmas Island, here you go.

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